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Why Learning Lab?

At Learning Lab, our program is purposeful, engaging, and transformative. We carefully select, screen, and train our staff to follow our proven Learning Lab Approach for identifying each student’s aptitudes and nurturing their abilities.

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Learning Lab is the only learning center in Nashville and Brentwood with a staff that combines professional educators and experienced psychologists. We provide a full range of comprehensive learning solutions. At every step along the way, our staff professionals work as a team with parents to help their students achieve their goals.

Since 1985, we have prepared students of all ages to excel in learning, testing, and preparing to face life’s challenges.

Learning Lab Values:


Lifelong Learning: Education transforms lives and expands futures when it is cultivated with a growth mindset. This is as true for the people we serve as it is for ourselves.


Community: We exist for the sake of individuals, families, and community partners — both current and potential — who seek our services.


Meaningful Relationships: We nurture human connections through constant communication and listening with empathy. We value all people, treating them with respect and dignity.


Quality: We judge ourselves by the difference we make in the lives of the people we serve.


Creativity: We seek creative ideas and new ways of thinking to grow and improve. We strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.


Accountability: We believe in complete honesty in our interactions. We do what we say we will do, and we expect the same from others.

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Learning Lab Approach

Learning Lab’s process is research-based and results driven. Each student’s journey is a collaborative partnership among multiple parties: students, parents, tutors, teachers and, where appropriate, medical professionals. Our team offers expert tutoring in all academic subjects, specialized help for giftedness as well as for those with learning differences, preparation for standardized testing, study and organizational programs, and support for those who are either fully or partially homeschooled.

We map each student’s journey at Learning Lab using a five-step process. This is the Learning Lab Approach…and it works.

Learning Lab Approach Steps:


Understand: We begin with a personalized consultation to gain an understanding of each child's unique learning profile.


Plan: We then develop a plan to address their specific learning needs.


Partner: Then we design the optimum learning environment for the student.


Evaluate: With continuous monitoring we evaluate each student's progress and provide feedback to all involved.


Celebrate: Equally as important, we applaud each student's progress by celebrating their achievements.

Managing Behavior

Keeping Everyone In The Loop

Our philosophy at Learning Lab is that learning is a partnership between the student and their parents, teachers, tutors, and other professionals, as appropriate. That is why we developed In The Loop, our proprietary online system that enables continuous monitoring updates and feedback among all necessary parties 24/7.

For parents, teachers, and health professionals, In The Loop provides ongoing insight into a student’s progress with us. For our tutors, it allows immediate and continuous reporting of successes and issues the student has experienced to parents, as well as modifying the student’s customized learning program as necessary.

With In The Loop, all parties receive simultaneous feedback from one another, a group enhancement to the overall learning process.

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