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Back to School with Gateway Academy

It’s that time of year again. The time when kids start pulling the books back out and going to bed earlier. Some students are excited to get back to the school routine and see all their friends. Other students are disappointed that the relaxed days of summer are ending.

Then there are the students who are dreading going back to school – and usually their parents are just as anxious.

These are the students who need a little extra time on assignments; the ones who have trouble focusing while sitting inside a building all day; and even the ones who get it the first time, do the homework while the teacher is explaining to everyone else, then get bored – and maybe in trouble – because they aren’t being academically challenged.

At Gateway Academy, we know these students; we see them; we “get” them – and we welcome them and their different learning styles at our school.

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Gateway Academy is an accredited K-12 private school, with locations in Nashville and Brentwood. We offer one-to-one, individualized instruction to students with varying educational needs. Whether your student is gifted, has learning and/or social-emotional differences that make a traditional school setting less than ideal, or perhaps your student is involved in sports or entertainment with a schedule that doesn’t mesh with typical school hours, we have a place for them!

While Gateway has been educating students for close to 40 years, we are more aware than ever that today’s families need options. That’s why we provide virtual learning, one-to-one in-person instruction, and blended learning. We also offer individual subject instruction for homeschooling families. Our educational experts assess your student  and family’s specific needs and work with you to develop a learning experience that will build confidence and foster academic success.

With classes of one student with one teacher, or sometimes small groups of up to three students, we will meet your student at his or her level and provide a customized learning environment based on your student’s personal strengths, needs, talents, and interests. Our goal is to give each student the tools and encouragement to succeed, whether that means catching up, getting ahead, or simply taking a break from the traditional school environment.

Additionally, we have found that eliminating crowded classrooms, distractions from other students, and the stress of trying to compete with peers, enables our students to focus on what’s important and learn better and more quickly than they might in a traditional school setting. Gateway Academy also provides students with plenty of opportunities to socialize and engage with fellow students, but when it’s time to learn, your student is the sole focus of our instructor’s attention.

Our desire is not only to teach your child specific course material. Our ultimate goal is to encourage a love of learning. Students who love to learn will continue to find joy in learning throughout their lives. Learning shouldn’t stop once a diploma is in hand. There is a vast world of information and exciting discoveries out there. At Gateway Academy, we want to give our students the skills – and the desire – to continue learning, discovering, and exploring all our world has to offer.

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If you want to learn more about Gateway Academy, and how we can fulfill your child’s academic needs and goals, call us now to schedule your personal in-person or virtual tour, or fill out the form below!

We also have an Open House coming up on Tuesday, August 8th from 6PM-7PM at both our Brentwood and Nashville campuses. There will be complimentary refreshments, the opportunity to meet some of our teachers and staff, and to learn more about Gateway Academy and what we offer!

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