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Get Ready for College Applications With ACT/SAT Prep

Many colleges and universities opened up their application processes on August 1. While you can’t wind back the clock and change extracurriculars or GPA, there is one metric very much in students’ control: standardized test scores. ACT prep and SAT prep courses can help your student achieve the best possible outcome, favorably weighting their college application.

At Learning Lab’s Test Prep Center, students develop confidence and learn test-taking strategies that can help them optimize their standardized test performance. These scores can directly impact acceptance to the private school or college of their choice.

Get Test Prep at Learning Lab!

Test Prep at Learning Lab

Learning Lab’s Test Prep Center helps students prepare for the following tests (and others by special request or on a case-by-case basis):

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • PSAT
  • GRE
  • ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam)

How the Learning Lab Method Works

We teach students test-taking strategies that help them dissect the question, analyze the responses, and manage their time. We use real ACT, SAT, and ISEE exams to allow students ample opportunity to practice and familiarize themselves with the test. By identifying areas of subject weakness and reviewing content in those areas, we help students shore up skills before testing.

Why Start Now?

Even if your student doesn’t plan to start applying to college as early as this August, now is an ideal time for both high school juniors and seniors to start working on standardized test skills. (It’s not uncommon for sophomores to start acquainting themselves with the SAT and ACT either!) During the summer, when regular academic pressures are off, students can dedicate more energy to learning how to excel in standardized testing. Additionally, this material may be best learned over a period of several months and through taking several practice tests. Now is a great time to get started!

Top SAT/ACT Test Prep Tips

The Learning Lab Test Prep Center recommends:

  1. Don’t wait: begin developing your resume for college.
  2. Take a Practice ACT or SAT test no later than the summer after your Sophomore year in high school to get a baseline of your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Use the summer as your main prep time. There are the least distractions and time constraints during the summer.
  4. Research schools in which you are interested and examine their student profile to see if your resume provides a possible match.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice your testing skills by building your vocabulary, working on your reading speed, and sharpening your math skills – even 30 minutes a day will be hugely beneficial in helping you to achieve your long-term goal.

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