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Preparing for College with ACT/SAT Prep

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After the recent pandemic and the effects that quarantines had on students, many colleges and universities have made standardized tests, like the ACT and SAT, optional for application and admission. It’s not clear how long these new policies will remain in place. Even though the tests may not be required, submitting those scores with applications is still highly beneficial. And with the college application season starting in August, there’s never been a better time to help your student prepare with ACT/SAT Prep.

Getting into college has become more competitive over the years. Families who know their students plan to continue their studies after high school, have learned that waiting until Junior year to start thinking about college requirements is far too late.

To set students up for the best possible chance of getting into their top-choice university, students and parents need to begin planning no later than Freshman year of high school. This is the time to choose courses wisely, concentrate on grades to ensure a good GPA, and make the most of opportunities for extracurriculars and volunteer work. If a student finds certain courses or subjects more challenging, tutoring now will help them gain a solid foundation to build upon in later classes.

This is also the best time to prepare for the ACT and/or SAT. The best way to do so is for students to take a practice exam to get baseline scores. After families have an idea about their student’s current abilities and which, if any, subject areas may need more focus, they can enroll the student in ACT/SAT Prep with standardized test experts like our tutors at Learning Lab.

ACT/SAT Prep At Learning Lab!

Learning Lab offers individual and group test preparation for the ACT and one-on-one prep for the SAT. We start by getting that baseline assessment by having students take a real past test from which we determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses. We then work on test-taking strategies, teaching students to dissect questions, analyze responses, manage time, and improve necessary content areas. Our tutors will also work with students on weaker subject areas and provide multiple opportunities to practice their new skills with more actual tests. 

With diligence in our program, students typically see significant score increases. The keys are learning how the tests are designed and getting comfortable with the test-taking process. This enables students to build confidence, which will help them succeed, not just on standardized tests, but also as they finish high school and step into the future.

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Whether your student is in 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, or 12th grade, contact the Learning Lab today to discuss the best ACT/SAT Prep plan to prepare your individual student for tomorrow!

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