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Preparing for the Start of a New School Year

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Getting ready for the new school year can be exciting – and sometimes a little scary. It’s fun to think about spending time with friends after the long summer. However, some students get a little anxious, especially if they are going to a new school or moving up into middle or high school. 

These 5 tips will calm nerves and help you and your student settle back into the school routine:

Back-to-School Shopping

Shopping for new school clothes and supplies is a great way to build enthusiasm. Look through your child’s wardrobe and plan to replace items that are looking extra “loved.” It’s also a good idea to see if your student has had a growth spurt over the summer. The last thing a kid wants is to walk into school the first day in pants that are too short. 

Checking out the school supply situation before school starts can save time and stress later. Many schools post supply lists on their websites, so you’ll know exactly what will be needed. If there are no lists available, think about the basics: pencils, markers, binders, spiral notebooks, etc. Then plan a shopping day or two with your student.

Ease Into the School Day Schedule

When summer days are relaxed, it’s common for kids to stay up later in the evenings and wake later in the mornings. Waiting until the first day of school to set a new sleep/wake schedule will make the first week more difficult for everyone. 

Begin establishing a school-day schedule before school starts. Send your child to bed 15-20 minutes earlier and wake them 15-20 minutes earlier, then adjust the times every few days to ease your student into the routine. 

Establish a Study Space

Before your child comes home with homework, set up a designated study space. Whether it’s a spare room or an area of a room used for other purposes, having a dedicated workspace will provide structure. With your child, decide where homework will be done, help them determine what supplies are needed, and let your student personalize the area with posters, art, and other non-distracting items. If your child feels the space is theirs, they will be ready to work.

Read and Play Learning Games

If you aren’t doing so already, now is the time to encourage reading and learning activities. Take your child to the library or bookstore and let them choose books that pique their interest. If your child is younger, spend time everyday reading with and to your student. And you don’t have to stop reading to your child when they can read on their own. Reading with children throughout elementary and even middle school helps with vocabulary and comprehension.

Choosing games and play-based learning activities is another way to keep your student’s brain engaged through the summer months. Board games and card games involving reading, counting, and reasoning/logic will keep your child exercising their brain while they play. If it’s a struggle to get your student away from video/computer games, introduce them to websites like or, if they haven’t found it already, MineCraft. These games use math, logic, and spatial skills – and they’re fun.

Start Tutoring Now!

The end of summer is the perfect time for your student to brush up on skills and/or subjects they find more challenging. The professional instructors  at Learning Lab can work with you and your student to determine areas needing strengthening, set learning goals, and develop a personalized plan to fit your student’s needs. Whether they need assistance with reading, math, or test preparation, we have a proven track record of helping students succeed.

As you and your student are gearing up for the new school year, consider Learning Lab your partner for back-to-school success!

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