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Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning Over the Holidays

Just because your kids are out of school on break doesn’t mean they have to stop learning. Keeping them occupied doesn’t mean sitting them in front of the TV all day. There are so many ways your kids can have fun over the holidays and continue to learn, often without even realizing it! Read on for 5 fun holiday learning activities you can do over the break to encourage your child to learn!

Creative Projects to Encourage Learning

Crafting can be a great way to relieve stress and get your child’s creativity going. Sit down with your child and make handmade ornaments or other original holiday decorations. If your child is more musically inclined, print out some sheet music to some holiday tunes that they can practice.

Stories with a Holiday Message

Schedule time to read with your kids, whether it’s a holiday-themed story or their favorite book. This can help build reading comprehension and develop reading habits that last a lifetime.

Don’t just read the book, talk about it too! Talking about what your child is reading will help them learn to think critically about what they are reading. They won’t just take in the information, but they will analyze what they are reading. Make sure to keep the conversation casual so they don’t feel like they are being quizzed on the subject.

Family Game Night

A family game night over the holidays is a great way for your family to spend some time together and get the kids’ brains working. Games like Scrabble can help with spelling and vocabulary, while Monopoly helps kids learn about money management and basic math skills like addition and subtraction. Another great option is Yahtzee, which is all about basic math skills and probability.

Holiday Cooking and Baking

Let your kids help with the cooking and baking! There’s so much for your child to learn in the kitchen that can be applied outside the cooking area as well! They can help you read the recipes and learn about measurements and temperatures, while also learning how to cook a great meal or bake a fun holiday treat. Not only will they learn skills they can take to the classroom, but you’ll also get some help with all the holiday cooking and baking!

Talk with Their Teachers Before Holiday Break

Learn what subjects your child is struggling with in the classroom. Talking with their teachers can help you to understand what your child needs the most help with, so you can focus your holiday learning activities around improving those learning skills. Being in an environment without the stress of grades and comparing themselves to other students may be exactly what your child needs to excel in a subject.

Try some of these at-home holiday learning activities with your child and watch them improve in the classroom. If you find that out-of-the-box learning works for your child, reach out to Learning Lab. We have wonderful one-on-one tutoring and non-traditional classroom settings to help your child learn to the best of their ability! 

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