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Why taking the ACT/SAT is still important.

Is the ACT/SAT still important? Yes.

As more and more colleges start making the ACT and/or SAT “test-optional,” students who struggle on standardized tests may be rejoicing, but there are some valid reasons why the tests still matter. For starters, most scholarships require a test score. The higher the score, the more money a student is likely to receive, but even students who may not be eligible for a scholarship can often enhance their chances of getting admitted to their college of choice, especially if it’s a school that has a high rejection rate. 

All Things Equal… Does an SAT/ACT Test Prevail?

M.K. Leftwich, who’s the Director of After School Programs for the Learning Lab of Nashville says, “If a school is deciding between two students who have the exact same resume, but one took the ACT and/or SAT and the other didn’t, that could make a huge difference regarding who gets accepted. The test score gives admissions counselors the chance to see a more complete picture of one student versus the other.” 

The greater flexibility being offered by some colleges can actually work to the advantage of students by eliminating some of the pressure they feel going into the test, Leftwich says, If you do really well on the test, it’ll help your chances of getting into that school or landing a scholarship, but if you don’t do well, you’re not required to submit it.”

Half of ACT Test Takers Improve Overall Composite Score

Statistics from the ACT show that more than half of all students who retake the test increase their overall composite score by nearly three percent. The lower the initial score is, the more likely you are to see a dramatic increase.  Practice tests are an inexpensive way to boost a student’s overall score, but students who still find themselves struggling may benefit from a basic test prep class. “We’ve seen some great success stories. One of the tutors at my center told me the other day that he had a student who called him and told him that he raised his score by seven points after working with us,” says Leftwich.

Practice ACT At Learning Lab

If your child is considering taking the ACT on June 12th, July 17th, or even next fall, we are offering a practice ACT at both of our locations on March 27th and April 24th, as a way for your child to become familiar with the test. Our practice ACT comes with a consultation to review your child’s results, to discuss where their strengths and weaknesses are, to show where they may need ACT prep, and to determine whether your child should take the ACT in the summer, or consider waiting until the fall.  For more information about ACT Prep classes, contact us.

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