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Is the ACT Still Important? Yes. Here's Why...

ACT scores are important. ACT scores are required for graduation, scholarships, special programs, and merit-based financial aid. Many colleges and universities have made taking the ACT optional for applicants, but experts say the test is still relevant.

The Tennessee Department of Education released an article, which reported that the participation for the ACT for the 2019-2020 graduating class held steady despite COVID-19. Additionally, taking the ACT can only benefit your student with test-optional colleges & universities. Your student is not required to submit their ACT scores on applications if they do poorly, but if your student does well, then their ACT scores can only boost their applications.

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Practice ACT At Learning Lab

Is your student considering taking the ACT soon? If so, we offer an individual Practice ACT to see how your student may score on the real test. Our Practice ACT is a great way for your student to become familiar with the test, and it comes with an individual consultation to review their results. During the consultation, we will discuss where your student’s strengths and weaknesses are, as well as where they may need ACT prep. Details below!

Register For A Practice ACT!

All of our Practice ACTs are offered at both our Brentwood and Nashville locations. We offer individual Practice ACTs for $35 per hour, or group Practice ACTs for $25 per hour. The Practice ACT includes the test, scoring and analysis, and a consultation with our Test Prep Coordinator to go over the results. REGISTER BELOW!

Register for an Individual Practice ACT

Register for an Individual Practice ACT

High School-Aged Programs

ACT Prep At Learning Lab

Our ACT prep teaches strategies for each section of the test and provides opportunities to practice using actual ACT tests. Students who prepare for the ACT at Learning Lab typically earn improved scores, and those who work diligently within our system can and often do improve their scores significantly.

Our ACT Prep Will Help Your Student Improve Their Test Performance In 3 Distinct Ways:


We will teach your student test-taking strategies that will help them dissect the question, analyze the responses, and manage their time.


We use real ACT exams, which will allow your student ample opportunity to practice and familiarize themselves with the test.


We identify areas of subject weakness and review content in those areas to shore up skills before testing.

We meet students where they are and empower them to grow.