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Algebra Adventures: Unlocking the Power of Equations

Camp for Rising 9th-12th Graders

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Algebra Adventures: Unlocking the Power of Equations

Where: Brentwood & Nashville


  • June 17th - 21st
  • July 22nd - 26th

Who: Rising 9th-12th Graders

What: Welcome to a summer of mathematical exploration and problem-solving at our Algebra Adventures: Unlocking the Power of Equations summer camp!

Designed for budding mathematicians and curious minds, this camp is a gateway to the captivating world of algebra. Get ready to embark on a journey where equations become puzzles, variables transform into superheroes, and mathematical challenges turn into triumphs.

Our camp is perfect for students eager to dive into the world of algebra or strengthen their existing skills. Geared toward rising 9th-12th graders, this camp is designed to cater to both beginners and those ready for advanced algebraic challenges.

Camp Features:

  • Equation Excitement: Dive into the heart of algebra as we unravel the mysteries of equations. Campers will learn to balance, simplify, and solve equations, turning mathematical challenges into thrilling victories. From basic operations to advanced problem-solving, it’s a quest to master the language of algebra.
  • Variable Ventures: Meet the superheroes of algebra—variables! Campers will explore the power of variables as they navigate through algebraic expressions and equations. Every variable is a hero waiting to be discovered, and campers will learn to unleash their superpowers in the world of math.
  • Algebraic Games and Challenges: Make learning algebra a game! Campers will engage in a variety of algebraic games and challenges that transform abstract concepts into interactive fun. From algebraic tic-tac-toe to equation relay races, it’s a playful approach to mastering algebraic skills.
  • Graphing Galore: Visualize the magic of algebraic graphs! Campers will explore the world of graphing equations, discovering the beauty and patterns hidden within mathematical functions. From plotting points to interpreting graphs, it’s a hands-on experience that brings algebra to life.
  • Real-World Algebra: Connect algebra to the real world! Campers will explore practical applications of algebra in everyday scenarios. From calculating expenses to analyzing data, they’ll discover how algebra is a powerful tool for solving real-life problems.
  • Algebraic Artistry: Blend creativity with algebra! Campers will engage in algebraic art projects, using mathematical concepts to create visual masterpieces. It’s a fusion of logic and creativity that proves algebra is not just a set of rules but a canvas for artistic expression.

Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM



Camp Sign-Up/Payment: If signing up for your summer camp at least two weeks or more in advance, we will waive the registration fee and collect 1/2 the camp balance (the remainder of the balance is due the Friday before the start of your first camp). If signing up for your summer camp within two weeks of the camp start date, a $50 registration fee will be collected and the total summer balance will be due at signup.

Join us for a week filled with algebraic adventures, problem-solving triumphs, and the joy of unraveling the mysteries of equations at the Algebra Adventures: Unlocking the Power of Equations summer camp! Enroll today and let the algebraic journey begin!

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After Camp Care runs from 4pm-5:45pm and costs $35/daily or $130/weekly. You must sign up for After Care the Wednesday before your camp starts or an additional $40 fee will occur for late add-ons. NO DROPS IN THE DAY OF CAMP ACCEPTED. After Camp Care will be supervised and will be less structured than in camps. Students will have the opportunity to color, draw, watch educational videos, read independently, or play games.
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