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Imagination Unleashed: Creative Writing Adventure Camp

Camp for Rising 4th-6th Graders

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Imagination Unleashed: Creative Writing Adventure Camp

Where: Brentwood, TN.


  • June 10th - 14th
  • July 15th - 19th

Who: Rising 4th-6th Graders

What: Welcome to a summer of storytelling, creativity, and literary exploration at our Imagination Unleashed: Creative Writing Adventure Camp! This camp is a haven for young wordsmiths and aspiring storytellers, providing a space where imaginations soar, and pens dance across pages. Join us for a journey into the magical realm of words, where every camper becomes the author of their own adventure.

Our camp is designed for budding authors, poets, and storytellers in rising 4th-6th grades. Whether your child is a seasoned wordsmith or just starting their writing journey, this camp welcomes all levels of experience and fosters a love for creative expression through words. 

Camp Features:

  • Storytelling Workshops: Immerse yourself in the art of storytelling! Campers will participate in dynamic storytelling workshops where they’ll learn the secrets of crafting compelling narratives. From character development to plot twists, each session is a step toward becoming a master storyteller.
  • Creative Writing Prompts: Ignite creativity with a daily dose of writing prompts that spark inspiration. Campers will explore a wide range of prompts, from whimsical scenarios to thought-provoking themes, as they let their imaginations run wild and discover the joy of writing without boundaries.
  • Genre Exploration: From fantasy realms to mystery landscapes, campers will explore various literary genres. Through guided exercises and group discussions, they’ll have the opportunity to experiment with different styles of writing and find their unique voice as writers.
  • Author Visits and Guest Speakers: Learn from the pros! Campers will have the chance to interact with published authors and industry professionals. These guest speakers will share insights into the writing process, provide tips for aspiring writers, and offer a glimpse into the world of storytelling as a career.
  • Publishing Projects: Transform dreams into reality! Campers will work on publishing projects, creating their own storybooks or collaborative anthologies. It’s a chance to see their words come to life in print and share their creations with family and friends.
  • Outdoor Writing Adventures: Nature as your muse! Campers will take their writing outdoors, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. Whether it’s crafting poems beneath the shade of trees or penning stories by a babbling brook, the great outdoors becomes a canvas for literary exploration.

Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM



Camp Sign-Up/Payment: If signing up for your summer camp at least two weeks or more in advance, we will waive the registration fee and collect 1/2 the camp balance (the remainder of the balance is due the Friday before the start of your first camp). If signing up for your summer camp within two weeks of the camp start date, a $50 registration fee will be collected and the total summer balance will be due at signup.

Join us for a week filled with literary exploration, imaginative storytelling, and the joy of discovering the magic within words at the Imagination Unleashed: Creative Writing Adventure Camp! Enroll today and let the storytelling adventure begin!

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After Camp Care runs from 4pm-5:45pm and costs $35/daily or $130/weekly. You must sign up for After Care the Wednesday before your camp starts or an additional $40 fee will occur for late add-ons. NO DROPS IN THE DAY OF CAMP ACCEPTED. After Camp Care will be supervised and will be less structured than in camps. Students will have the opportunity to color, draw, watch educational videos, read independently, or play games.
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