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ArtVenture: Summer Camp for Young Artists

Camp for Rising 4th-6th Graders

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ArtVenture: Summer Camp for Young Artists

Where: Brentwood & Nashville


  • June 3rd - 7th
  • July 8th - 12th

Who: Rising 4th-6th Graders

What: Embark on a colorful and imaginative journey at ArtVenture: Summer Camp for Young Artists, where creativity knows no bounds! Our summer art camp is a haven for young artists, encouraging self-expression, exploration, and the joy of creating. Join us for a summer filled with brushes, palettes, and endless inspiration.

ArtVenture is tailored for young artists in rising 4th-6th grades who are passionate about unleashing their creativity. Whether your child is a budding Picasso or just starting to explore their artistic interests, our camp provides a nurturing environment for artistic growth.

 Camp Features:

  • Multimedia Art Exploration: Immerse yourself in a world of artistic possibilities! Campers will have the opportunity to explore a variety of art mediums, from painting and drawing to sculpture and mixed media. Each day presents a new artistic adventure, allowing young artists to discover their preferred modes of expression.
  • Outdoor Sketching and Plein Air Painting: Let nature be your muse! Campers will take their creativity outdoors, engaging in sketching sessions and plein air painting. It’s a chance to draw inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and translate it onto paper.
  • Themed Art Projects: Dive into themed art projects that spark imagination. From mythical creatures to abstract expressionism, campers will embark on projects that encourage individuality and personal interpretation. It’s an exploration of diverse artistic styles and themes.
  • Art History Adventures: Travel through time and art history! Campers will learn about famous artists, art movements, and cultural influences. Through interactive discussions and hands-on projects inspired by art history, young artists gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of artistic expression.
  • Collaborative Murals and Group Projects: Foster a sense of community and teamwork! Campers will engage in collaborative mural projects and group art activities, learning to share ideas, compromise, and create together. It’s an opportunity to see how individual contributions can come together to form a larger masterpiece.
  • Visits from Local Artists: Be inspired by the pros! Campers will have the chance to interact with local artists, gaining insights into their creative process and receiving guidance on their own artistic journeys. It’s a chance to connect with the vibrant local art community.

Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM



Camp Sign-Up/Payment: If signing up for your summer camp at least two weeks or more in advance, we will waive the registration fee and collect 1/2 the camp balance (the remainder of the balance is due the Friday before the start of your first camp). If signing up for your summer camp within two weeks of the camp start date, a $50 registration fee will be collected and the total summer balance will be due at signup.

Join us for a week filled with color, self-expression, and the joy of creating at the ArtVenture: Summer Camp for Young Artists! Enroll today and let the artful adventure begin!

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After Camp Care runs from 4pm-5:45pm and costs $35/daily or $130/weekly. You must sign up for After Care the Wednesday before your camp starts or an additional $40 fee will occur for late add-ons. NO DROPS IN THE DAY OF CAMP ACCEPTED. After Camp Care will be supervised and will be less structured than in camps. Students will have the opportunity to color, draw, watch educational videos, read independently, or play games.
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