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Explore, Innovate, Create: STEM Summer Camp

Camp for Rising 4th-6th Graders

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Explore, Innovate, Create: STEM Summer Camp

Where: Brentwood, TN.


  • June 10th - 14th
  • July 15th - 19th

Who: Rising 4th-6th Graders

What: Welcome to an exciting and engaging adventure in learning at our Explore, Innovate, and Create: STEM Summer Camp! Designed for curious minds and aspiring young scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians, our camp offers a unique blend of hands-on activities, interactive experiments, and collaborative projects that make learning STEM subjects both fun and educational.

This camp is open to young minds who are rising 4th-6th graders. Whether your child is already passionate about STEM or just starting to explore these subjects, our camp provides a supportive and stimulating environment for all levels of interest and expertise.

Camp Features:

  • Hands-On Experiments: Campers will dive into the world of hands-on experimentation, exploring the principles of physics, chemistry, and biology. From building simple machines to conducting fascinating chemistry experiments, our campers will get a firsthand experience of the scientific method.
  • Engineering Challenges: Get ready to put on your engineering hats! Our campers will tackle real-world engineering challenges, applying their creativity and teamwork to design and build solutions. From constructing bridges to designing water rockets, every day is a new adventure in engineering exploration.
  • Mathematical Puzzles and Games: Mathematics becomes a thrilling adventure with our collection of mathematical puzzles, games, and activities. Campers will discover the joy of problem-solving and critical thinking, making math an interactive and enjoyable experience.
  • Collaborative Projects: Campers will work together on exciting group projects that encourage teamwork, communication, and creativity. These projects not only reinforce STEM concepts, but they also foster important life skills that are essential in any field.

Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM



Camp Sign-Up/Payment: If signing up for your summer camp at least two weeks or more in advance, we will waive the registration fee and collect 1/2 the camp balance (the remainder of the balance is due the Friday before the start of your first camp). If signing up for your summer camp within two weeks of the camp start date, a $50 registration fee will be collected and the total summer balance will be due at signup.

Join us for a week filled with discovery, innovation, and a whole lot of fun at our Explore, Innovate, Create: STEM Summer Camp. Together, let’s inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators! Enroll today and watch your child’s curiosity ignite into a lifelong love for STEM!

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After Camp Care runs from 4pm-5:45pm and costs $35/daily or $130/weekly. You must sign up for After Care the Wednesday before your camp starts or an additional $40 fee will occur for late add-ons. NO DROPS IN THE DAY OF CAMP ACCEPTED. After Camp Care will be supervised and will be less structured than in camps. Students will have the opportunity to color, draw, watch educational videos, read independently, or play games.
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