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One-On-One Summer Tutoring

Rising K-12th Graders

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One-On-One Summer Tutoring

Where: Brentwood & Nashville

When: All Summer

Who: K-12th Graders and Adults

Time: All Summer! One-On-One Summer Tutoring sessions are individually scheduled. We can work around your family’s summer schedule.


Price varies based on the amount of hours.

Learning Lab’s One-On-One Summer Tutoring provides an extremely personalized learning experience. Our tutors customize their approach based on your student’s personality and learning style, and schedules are flexible based on your family’s needs. Whether your student is enrolling for help with remediation or to practice and prepare for the upcoming school year, sessions will go at your student’s pace, and they will focus on whatever subject matter is needed. Learning Lab can help your struggling student close the academic gap in a supportive environment uniquely tailored to their needs!

Why Is Summer Tutoring Important?

The months between one school year and the next represent a great educational potential for students. Conversely, escaping from all academic pursuits for the summer can mean a huge step backward for some kids. Click here to learn the five reasons why summer tutoring matters!


The second sibling gets 10% off their hourly rate and purchasing 10 sessions or more at a time also gives them a 10% discount. Discounts cannot be combined.

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