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From students who are behind in reading comprehension, to students who want to know the best word to describe a clear blue sky, we have a proven record of closing the gaps and building literacy, writing ability, and confidence in all forms of communication.

Our literacy, reading comprehension, writing, and analyzing tutoring is one-on-one and tailored to meet the specific needs of your child and their learning style!

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LifeReader™: Students Will


Improve their reading speed, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, spelling, and comprehension at any grade level


Gain confidence in self-expression


Access learning in all subjects more easily


Build comprehension abilities


Compose thoughts more clearly


Experience the joy of reading

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LifeReader™: Elementary Foundations

Our approach is based, in part, on multi-sensory engagement through a student’s use of sight, hearing, movement, and touch. This kind of approach greatly strengthens the learning process by providing more than one way for your child to connect with the content that they read. Some areas of focus would be Reading Intervention, Handwriting, and Vocabulary Building.

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LifeReader™: Middle Years

Success in middle school is all about learning more independently and getting ideas out into the world. Some areas of focus would be Understanding Textbooks, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Building, and Writing Lab (i.e. writing from prompts, grammar & mechanics, etc.).

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LifeReader™: Beyond the Basics

Strong writers are often more successful in all aspects of life. Some areas of focus would be Reading Analysis, Creative Writing, and Academic Writing.

LifeReader™: Our Approach


Screener to pinpoint learning gaps in reading, comprehension, and/or writing


Targeted intervention that is responsive to current grade-level content


Frequent sessions to solidify content mastery and ensure recall


Ongoing review to identify next steps and confirm learning


Quality materials to aid visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners (a multisensory approach)

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LifeReader™: Targets...

LifeReader™ targets traditional learners, as well as students who may have a learning difference that requires specialized intervention strategies. LifeReader™ helps all readers excel by improving their reading speed, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, spelling, and comprehension at any grade level!

We meet students where they are and empower them to grow.

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